I bought a full series of body work after seeing an amazing positive change in an older horse after just a one-hour session at one of Tim's clinics. My horse is a sound and healthy 14-year-old, but I wanted to treat him. I'm so glad I did! He's definitely moving better, more forward with a longer stride and smoother transitions. Something I didn't expect: he's also more relaxed - under saddle, on the ground, in his corral. It's as if he's just more comfortable in his own skin! Tim and Veronica were a joy to be around and arrived on time for every session. I highly recommend Tim! You won't regret investing this way in your horse's wellbeing and comfort!
Carole T.
Tim and his work have helped my almost yearling colt. When I purchased my colt at 7 months, he was extremely cow-hocked. Thanks to Tim and weekly structural integration sessions his legs have almost straightened out completely! I am beyond pleased with his work and high recommend him!!!!
Lupe H.

Before and After Shots


Tim is releasing the tightness in the barrel.